PED Certification and AD 2000 - Merkblatt

Oct 21, 2017

Hua Xing Manufacture Co., Ltd casting foundry in ZhongShan China has been just certify by DNV with directive for pressure equipment (PED) and AD2000 - Merkblatt.

PED Certificate is a common standard for all European member states. It regulates that all pressure equipment connected to the European Union market be certified by a notified body. According to PED 2014/68 /EU if you would like to sell pressure equipment in Europe, you must test the products and have them approved by an accredited third party. with certification allowing the manufacturer to apply the CE mark to their products.

AD 2000 Merkblatt was developed for pressure vessel design and manufacture. The certification includes assessment of technical documents, assessment of test reports, assessment of testing procedures, check of the reliability of working procedures and personnel appraisal of materials use. W0 certification for product components.