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Permanent magnetic material can be divided into three major types, they are the Alnico magnet, Rare earth magnet (Neodymium-Iron-Born magnet & Samarium Cobalt magnet) and Ferrite magnet (Hard Ferrite & Rubber / Flexible magnet). Each type of materials has many differences of grades with a range of magnetic properties.

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Alnico magnets

The Alnico material (composed predominantly of aluminum, nickel, and cobalt with minor amounts of other elements including titanium and copper) is manufactured through either a casting or sintering process. Compared to modern materials alnico has a low co 
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Bonded NdFeB magnets

Bonded NdFeB magnets - is composed of rapidly quenched NdFeB magnetic powder and epoxy or nylon resin. The material is Isotropic offering approximately 10 MGOe. Its isotropic nature allows it to be magnetized in any direction with multiple pole magnetizat 
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Bonded NdFeB Powder

Offer wide range of bonded NdFeB powder supply to magnet manufacture for produce of the bonded NdFeB and Rubber Magnet 
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Cast alnico magnets

Cast alnico magnets - are use specialized casting techniques to achieve the unique crystalline grain orientation found in the alnico 5 and 8 grades. These anisotropic grades are designed to produce high magnetic output in a specified direction. Orientatio 
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Ferrite magnets

Hard Ferrite Magnets are made of Barium or Strontium Ferrite. This class of magnets, aside from good resistance to demagnetization, has the popular advantage of low cost. Due to their low cost, Hard Ferrite magnets enjoy a very wide range of applications, 
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Injection molded hard ferrite magnets

Bonded / Injection molded hard ferrite magnets - both can be compression bonded or injection molded, it can be manufactured with either isotropic or anti-isotropic properties. They are comprised of magnetic ferrite powder and bonding nylon. They can be mo 
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Injection molded NdFeB

Injection molded NdFeB - are use NdFeB powder blended with a plastic material and injection molded. Energy products are dependent upon the magnetic powders used in fabrication. The molding process allows for the manufacture of more complex shapes. These m 
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Neodymium-Iron-Born magnets

NdFeB Magnet is being used to produce high performance motors, relays, holding systems, magnetic bearings, magnetic couplings, magnetic switches, etc. 
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Rubber / Flexible magnets

Rubber / Flexible magnets - can be either isotropic & anisotropic. They are made from strontium ferrous oxide, K-resin (rubber) and some other trace elements. The result is a magnet material that can be bent, twisted, and coiled. They can be used without 
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Samarium cobalt magnets

Samarium cobalt magnets - holds its standard property in higher maximum temperatures than neodymium, although its maximum strength is less. The cost of material is the most expensive, so it is recommended only when its performance in a high temperature en 
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Sintered Alnico magnets

Sintered Alnico magnets - offer slightly lower magnetic properties but better mechanical characteristics than the cast Alnico materials. Sintered Alnico magnets are most suitable in small size (less than 1oz.) in this process. The desired mix of metal pow 
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